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BeaverCraft Chest protector Leather Brown


BeaverCraft Chest protector Leather Brown

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Working on your wood carvings, especially when carving spoons and bowls or creating other small projects, you may get a sore chest from the close-up carving.

To protect yourself and your clothes, and, at the same time, to have stable and comfortable support of the wood blank, you can use this effective AP5 Leather Carving Bib designed with the carver in mind.

This unique wood carving apron model is made of durable material – natural brown leather of excellent quality. Cleaning it from dirt and grease after use is a breeze. This protective 'breastplate' for wood carving comes with a functional patch chest pocket that provides easy access to tools.

The collar is soft and comfortable and can be adjusted to fit perfectly around the neck. Everything is carefully crafted and securely fixed with metal rivets, grommets, and ergonomic adjusters so that a carving bib will fit various sizes.

Looking for an original but practical gift for your loved wood carver? Our AP5 Adjustable Leather Carving Bib will become your perfect choice. This stylish but heavy-duty chest-protecting apron is built to provide you comfort and safety while carving. It is a versatile accessory that any woodcarver should have, especially those who love and often practice spoon carving techniques.

Dimensions: 22 x 24 cm.

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