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BeaverCraft Marking Striking Knife


BeaverCraft Marking Striking Knife

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  • Total length - 145 mm (5.7 inches)
  • Handle length - 105 mm (4.13 inches)
  • Blade length - 25 mm (0.98 inches)
  • Blade width - 17 mm (0.67 inches)

This wood carving knife is perfect for marking lines and geometric woodcarving. It is designed for marking lines and cutting geometric patterns in the wood, aligning the background with relief wood carvings and other woodworking. The knife has a comfortable handle, made from Ashwood and covered with natural linseed oil. It goes both for right- and left-handed. The knife blade for wood carving is made from high carbon steel, hardened and well sharpened. You can cut both soft and hard wood. Shop Now!

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