BeaverCraft Santa Wood Carving Kit

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It's never too early to start preparing for Christmas – the most magical time of the year. It's the time of year for Santa Claus, fairy lights, homemade holiday decorations, and all the delicious dishes.

Plunge yourself into a cozy atmosphere of the upcoming holiday and magic. This cute Santa Carving is the perfect DIY project to set a festive mood at home this Christmas. If you like to make your own Christmas mood around, this starter whittling hobby kit will be sure to impress. Get the whole family involved: DIY crafts will help to entertain your loved ones, bond with your kids, and become part of a new tradition.

The result of DIY carving projects largely depends on your wood carving toolkit. Thanks to our all-in-one DIY06 Santa Carving Kit, you get all the tools, materials, and supplies you need for carving Santa Claus out of wood: a perfectly sharpened wood carving knife, two blocks of high-quality basswood, sharpening accessories (honing strop + polishing compound), protective no-cut tape, and art supplies (pencil, brush, and paints) to give your Santa DIY project a unique finished look.

Also, the starter carving kit includes a booklet with clear instructions and a video tutorial illustrating all the carving processes step by step. All carving set elements are made and prepared to make your woodcarving session easy, pleasant, and fun.

This Santa Carving Kit is the perfect art craft kit for DIY enthusiasts of all ages and genders – adults, teens, kids, men, and women. It will help create an exciting beginner wood carving project that will become a cute toy for children, a beautiful kids' room decor, and an easy DIY wooden Christmas tree decoration.

Anything made by hand is unique and, therefore, has exceptional value. Our new DIY06 Santa Starter Kit allows you to create like a pro from the comfort of your home and get you and your loved ones into a 100% Christmas mood.

This DIY kit contains:

  • C16 Big Roughing Knife
  • 2 Blanks of Basswood
  • Santa Pattern
  • Leather Strop + Polishing Compound
  • Safety Tape
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Paints
  • Booklet


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