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Rebel Classic Critters


Rebel Classic Critters

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The Rebel Classic Critter 4-Pack includes four of the most-effective lures for streams, rivers, ponds, small lakes or any time fish react better to a smaller, realistic lure. These lures aren’t “kids stuff,” although they will help you create an angler for life. This 4-Pack contains lures that truly have proven themselves as “Classic” fish catchers. 

The Classic Critters 4-Pack includes a super-realistic Teeny Wee-Craw and a Crickhopper that looks so much like a real grasshopper that you expect it to jump away when you grab for it. Also included is a Super Teeny Wee-R shallow-running crankbait that mimics a small baitfish, and one of the most-renowned topwater popper/chuggers ever made, the Rebel Teeny Pop-R. 

The Teeny Wee-Craw crankbait has long been the lure of choice for anglers fishing clear running streams, rivers and lakes for bass, trout, walleye and other gamefish. Not only does it look just like a live crawfish, but it scurries along the bottom or through the water column with a realistic action. The Crickhopper is a floating/diving critter crankbait that anglers can use as a topwater or a crankbait. Worked on top, it looks just like a real grasshopper that made an errant jump and is trying to get back to the safety of land. Fish (especially trout) also eat it when retrieved slow and steady. 

The Teeny Wee-R is a compact crankbait that dives only a couple feet under the surface and catches all species of gamefish. It really shines when fish are feeding specifically on small baitfish. The Teeny Pop-R is the downsized version of Rebel’s most-popular and effective topwater lure. The full-sized version gained fame by being the secret lure of the pros in bass tournaments, and this smaller version simply expands the lure’s appeal to everything from bass to panfish. 

Critter 4-pk. includes:

  • 1 - Silver/Black - Teeny Pop-R
  • 1 - Firetiger - Crickhopper
  • 1 - Ditch (Brown) - Teeny Wee Crawfish
  • 1 - Brown Crawdad - Teeny Wee-R

Key Features

  • Four Classic downsized lures that catch all species of gamefish
  • Proven, realistic designs
  • Super-sharp quality hooks and hardware
  • Catch trout, bass, bluegill, walleyes – all gamefish
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